Sally Kohn: Exhibit A Why The “C” Word Will Never Go Out Of Style

Sally Kohn is a rotten, horrible excuse for a human being.  Living proof that not all lives matter.

I’m sure most of us have heard her name before.  In case you haven’t, Sally Kohn is a blowhard lesbian liberal who works at that network hardly anybody watches anymore: CNN.  She is well known for saying some really stupid stuff in defense of her fellow liberal scum.  Recent history has plenty of examples.

When the Ferguson scum started rioting in defense of the gentle giant, Sally was SURE that the thug Michael Brown had his hands up.  So when it was proven wrong her excuse was “my tweets about Ferguson were in good faith based on apparent facts at the time.”

Um, what’s an “apparent” fact?  Either something is a fact or it isn’t.  1+1=2.  The sun rises in the East.  These aren’t “apparent” facts, they’re FACTS.  Sally had no facts about the thug’s hands.  He was only following the liberal narrative ’til it was proved false.  It never stopped her from participating in this pathetic moment in “journalism” history:

Hard to beat this picture for sheer stupidity.  Plus Sally is one ugly dude.

Hard to beat this picture for sheer stupidity. Plus Sally is one ugly dude.

This is just one example.  Fast forward now to the gay black dude who killed those two reporters on air.  It wasn’t long before liberal scum were talking about gun control.  But this pathetic broad goes way, WAY over the line and actually defends the killer:

Liberals at their finest.  Always looking for ways to excuse their own.

Liberals at their finest. Always looking for ways to excuse their own.

So since she saw no reason why his victimization wasn’t justified, then it was ok to kill those two reporters because they were white.

Needless to say, the backlash was swift.  Not that it mattered to Sally.  Ms. Lesbo Blowhard came out with a pathetic defense of her original tweet:


Sure cupcake, whatever you say.  We all know what you really meant.  You meant that your gay black liberal comrade may have been justified in shooting those two white journalists.  You were making excuses for your fellow liberal scum.  Period.

Funny how fast the murder story has gone away since it’s a gay black killer, whereas every white person was to blame for Dylan Roof killing the 9 in Charleston, and that accusation continues to this day.

It is what it is.  More and more liberal women are just flat out cunts.  Sally Kohn is one of them.

Exhibit B:  Monica Foy

There are no shortage of liberal female scum who will keep the “c” word alive and well, but here’s one more recent candidate.  The War On Cops continued last week with the cold blooded execution of Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth outside Houston while gassing up his car.  As usual, it didn’t take long for the scum to come out of the woodwork, this time to voice contempt at those who cared about the cop:

Stupid is as stupid does.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Monica quickly became famous.  Per Breitbart, this broad is a student at Sam Houston State University.  She is also an admitted #BlackLivesMatter scum supporter.

The school initiated an investigation into possible violations of the school’s Code of Conduct.  Also per Breitbart, in an incredible case of karma, this pig ended up being arrested on an outstanding warrant for assaulting a coworker back in 2011.

Somebody's been spending too much time at Whataburger.

Somebody’s been spending too much time at Whataburger.

Interesting sidenote: when you google this fat broad, you see the liberal news slant that Google takes.  The top post is from New York Magazine stating “Monica Foy, the Victim Of A Terrifying Right-Wing Internet Shaming, Speaks Out.”  Next is “The Tweet That Stirred A Lynch Mob.”  Next is “Monica Foy: A Victim Of Terrifying Right-Wing Lynch Mob.” Then “Dad Of Monica Foy Speaks Out: She’s Distraught, Scared.”  And so on.  The Breitbart article is about 7th down the list.

I tried reading the New York Magazine article, but it was just too pathetic.  This poor, poor, woman who had her words taken out of context.  Yeah, like that Sally dude.  Just pathetic.

I could come up with plenty more examples: Hildebeast, Nancy Pelosi, the White House Wookie just to name a few, but it’s a holiday, it’s my day off and it’s after noon, which means it’s whiskey and 7Up time.  Yeah the word is rude, but I don’t care.  As long as we pretend to live in a free country, I’ll say whatever I want, especially about liberal scum.


Walter Palmer’s Biggest Crime? Being A Rich White Guy

If the dude who shot that stupid lion looked like that thing currently occupying the White House, this story would be long forgotten.

This thing supports killing hundreds of thousands of kids every year, but do the dentist haters care?  Nah.

This thing supports killing hundreds of thousands of kids every year, but do the dentist haters care? Nah.

Alas, this is 2015 America, so unless you’re a white and/or Christian and/or conservative, you get a pass.  Because the dentist is at least one of the above (and likely 2), he’s in for it.

From the New York Daily News:

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service jumped into the probe of missing Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, promising Thursday to ‘assist Zimbabwe officials in whatever manner requested.’  The agency called on Palmer to “contact us immediately” as a report surfaced that the bow-and-arrow hunter asked to kill a large elephant just after the slaying of the 13-year-old lion named Cecil.

The married dad of two became an instant global pariah after the sham safari that left the beloved beast dead — although at least one Zimbabwe official wasn’t too concerned.

“What lion?” wondered Acting Information Minister Prisca Mupfumira when asked about the killing.”

Ok, that’s funny.  I’ve suspected all along liberal asswipes in the US cared a lot more about this lion than officials in Zimbabwe did, especially since this is sport generates so much dinero for them.

The Star Tribune reports so far the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are looking into the stupid lion’s death.  I wasn’t aware that the UNITED STATES Fish and Wildlife service had jurisdiction outside the U.S., for cryin’ out loud.

As far as the Justice Department, what a joke.  It should be renamed the Department of Bootlickers for their shameful picking and choosing of “cases” to investigate.  Can’t investigate the Planned Parenthood babykillers, but boy oh boy, those people that released the PP videos?  The lion killer?  Gotta watch that stuff.  Them conservatives are extremist, evil.  Riiiggghhhttt.

When you don’t fit the narrative, you get run out of town

Anyways, since the story broke Palmer has been on the run.  You’d think he had broken out of maximum security prison in New York or something based on the outcry.  One good source of this silliness is the Doc’s Yelp profile.  You’d think he got caught cutting up baby and selling their parts off or something.

What I found amusing was that a majority of the posts on the profile came from Kallyfornia, with a contingent from Canada as well.  One guy from New York at least had the guts to stand up to the hate.  He’ll probably be hunted down and run out of town as well.

USA Today and others report Palmer, through a rep, has been in touch with the Fish and Wildlife Service.  At this point though, he needs to be lawyering up big time.  The hunt is on in the media and with the liberal hyenas.  The New York Post is reporting that Palmer tried to impress some waitress with photos of dead Cecil.  Said waitress said she wasn’t.  Well hell it’s New York City, whaddaya expect?

In the meantime, the American freak show rolls on


When you see idiots like this, it makes you wonder if abortion isn't such a bad idea after all.

If we could insure only liberal scum got aborted, it might not be such a bad idea after all.

Protest, protest, protest.  Everybody’s offended about something.  Sadly, these idiots indoctrinate their next generation spawn into the same ideology.  Frankly, I’d argue the lady below should have her kids taken away from her:

Whoever this dizzy broad is, she shouldn't be having kids.  Shame on her.

Whoever this dizzy broad is, she shouldn’t be having kids. Shame on her.

That poor, poor lion.  Has anybody figured out though how many other animals were saved because this lion is gone?  Does anybody care about wildebeest, water buffalo, gazelles, giraffes and the like?  #WaterBuffaloLivesMatter too, you know.  Isn’t all life sacred?  Not to the Pathetic Left.

With all the other ills plaguing this country, I’m totally disgusted this story even has legs.  It’s just another testament to how sick and rotten the US and A has become.  When you live in a society that cares more about animals than people, which celebrates sin and deviance and attempts to destroy those who stand up for decency, there is only one solution for fixing said country.

Burn it down.

Homothugs To Add Another Notch To Their Bedpost With The Boy Scouts

The guy who brought “don’t ask don’t tell” will now bring acceptance of deviancy in leadership to the Boy Scouts.

From Reuters:

“The Boy Scouts of America is expected to end its ban on gay adult leaders on Monday, dismantling a policy that has deeply divided the membership of the 105-year-old Texas-based organization.

The Boy Scouts National Executive Board will consider a resolution that was unanimously approved by the organization’s executive committee on July 13. The organization is urging an end to the ban because of “sea change in the law with respect to gay rights.”

The decision would follow the landmark ruling in late June by the U.S. Supreme Court allowing same-sex marriages nationwide. In May, the Boy Scouts’ president, former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, called the ban “unsustainable” and said it needed to change.”

Why is it unsustainable?

I’m curious, Bobby….why is it “unsustainable?”  Is it unsustainable because the people who make up the Boy Scouts no longer support such a ban?  That surely is not the case.  According to the Boy Scouts’ own fact sheet, over 70% of all Boy Scout units are chartered to “faith based organizations.”  Even if some of these faith based organizations were sponsored by liberal churches masquerading as angels of light, it’s fair to say that a majority of these organizations are opposed to such a policy.

Or is it unsustainable, Bobby, because of the inevitable fight that would be coming from the Homothugs?  Now that homo marriage is legal because 5 liberal scum judges say it is, the issue is still not settled.  It’s not settled because Homothugs and their supporters will still go after people in court who disagree with them.  Whether they are county clerks, churches, or private organizations, like the Boy Scouts, the inevitable lawsuits are coming.  Is a former Defense Secretary sceered of these gaysuits?  I rather doubt it.

Let’s just call it what it is

Bobby acts like he doesn’t have a choice in the matter.  WRONG.  Let’s just call it like it is.  Bobby Gates wants homosexuals brought into the Boy Scouts just like he does every other aspect of American life.  The Boy Scouts are just another traditional, faith and values based organization that is to be corrupted, just like traditional marriage and pretty much anything and everything else that has made America great.

All along, the plan with Homothugs and their liberal scum supporters is to ram homosexuality down our throats.  From that thing currently occupying the White House all the way down through the government, the courts, media, universities, you name it, the goal is to claim homosexuality as “normal” and to castigate, and eventually jail, anybody who opposes it.  Making anti-gay speech a hate crime in the U.S. is an inevitable goal of the Homothug-American community.  Some anti-gay speech is already a hate crime in Canada.  These laws are coming to the U.S. as well.  Bank it.

Churches will still be allowed to choose.  Riiiigggghhhhtttt

The Reuters article also states the policy change would no longer prohibit gay adult participation, but allows local units (such as churches) latitude to make their own choices regarding gay leaders.

Yeah, sure.  Does anybody think these two mutually exclusive items will coexist for long?  Anybody with a brain should know this is just another way for Homothugs to get their foot in the door.  Once in, the pressure will be on to force churches to accept gays, or ban them from supporting the Scouts.  It’s only a matter of time.  Any church not accepting gays will be banned, have their non-profit status challenged, or sued to kingdom come.  Again, bank it.

Shame on Bobby Gates.  Just another so-called Republican who does the bidding for the Democrats.  It’s been a good year for the Homothug-American community, I’ll give them that.  Still, they must be fought.  We either defeat them, or take as many of them down with us as we can.  Either way is fine.  I leave you now with one reason why they must be fought, from the Ultimate Authority:

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.”

So what’s it gonna be:  America the beautiful, or America the abomination?

Repost. A Rant: Thanks Mitt and Nikki, Now Look What You’ve Done

Blood was in the water, sharks were circling, and what did Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley do? Throw the liberal scum a huge, fresh carcass they could chew on for years.

The feeding frenzy is on.

First, RINO Mitt

Why does anybody listen to Mitt Romney anymore? Mitt’s a garden variety RINO fake conservative. Republicans in Massachusetts are called Democrats most anywhere else. He’s so incompetent, he can’t even articulate a message good enough to defeat the worst President in at least 100 years, if ever.

There was no need to weigh in on the Confederate flag immediately after the Charleston massacre. By doing so Mitt, you proved yourself to be just as pathetic and lowlife as the scum at Salon who tried pinning the blame on all whites.  Has there ever been a time and place to discuss that flag? Sure. That conversation was dead and gone years before when all sides on the matter, even that fake civil rights group NAACP, agreed to put the flag where it stands today.

By linking the flag to the 9 murders Mitt, you presumed something that is blatantly untrue. Nevertheless, because you are a RINO, and you are not a real conservative, or Republican for that matter, the media propaganda machines trumpeted you because you agree with them. You bought in to the lies of the Pathetic Left, and tried advocating them as truth.

You have helped open the door to attacking free speech and freedom of choice. We the people have the right to speak and believe differently from the big government, big media, big business narrative if we want. In 2015 America, those groups don’t want to stifle opposing views, they want to eliminate them.

Mitt, you’ve shown yourself to be in bed with the culture Nazis who are out for nothing less than to destroy American heritage.   You fail to see that this isn’t about one group’s sensitivities. The Pathetic Left in this country is waging an all out war against anyone who disagrees with them. They will accept nothing less than total victory.

Because of you, statues will be defaced. Hundreds of memorials, statues, parks, reenactments, organizations, you name it, are under attack. All because you had to go and shoot your mouth off to score a few points with people who don’t care about you anyways.

By doing so, you made a lot more people despise you, myself included. If you weren’t the enemy of conservatives before now, you certainly should be. You are to me.

Now back to your Massachusetts hellhole, por favor.

Nikki Haley, the latest spineless pussy Republican

The Confederate flag has flown over the Charleston memorial since 2000. Nikki Haley has been Governor since 2010. She is term limited. Nikki had plenty of time before now to address the flag issue.

Governor, your timing could not possibly have been worse.  Why right after the murders? Why not in your first term? Why not before you ran for reelection? Was it because you knew it would cost you? Why not later when emotions have died down a bit? Are you now revealing your true self since you don’t have to worry about facing voters again?

Unfortunately emotions aren’t going to die down now, because you have given the Pathetic Left new life. Like RINO Mitt, you have falsely linked that flag to the 9 murders. Like RINO Mitt, you’re pandering to people who don’t care about you at all.

You might be a woman, you might be a minority, but that is irrelevant to the Pathetic Left BECAUSE YOU’RE A REPUBLICAN. To the Pathetic Left you are just an Indian Uncle Tom. Nothing you do will make them happy unless you pander to the worst in them. Sadly, you passed that test with flying colors.

Nikki, you thought this was a single issue. You thought WRONG. As with RINO Mitt, you have now opened the door to literally hundreds, if not thousands of targets for the liberal scum to go after. Statues, memorials, schools, highways, military bases, cemeteries, office buildings, the list goes on and on. You have given the liberal scum years and years of work to do, which they now gleefully take on. You, Nikki, have helped them think they have the high ground in society.

Pathetic Lefties want to destroy this nation. They are doing so in innumerable ways. The liberal scum control government, the courts, the media, universities, media, and so on. You Nikki, like so many other RINO’s, try to compromise with them in hopes the issue will go away. The issues NEVER go away with them!!

First it was the Confederate flag. Next up, as Rush says, they’ll go after the American flag. Now that the Supreme Whort have given the Homothugs a legal victory, churches are targets now too.  #LoveWins will quickly become #AttackChristians.  Specifically, suburban, mostly white evangelical churches and perhaps the Catholic church as well. After that is polygamy, then incest and sex with minors. The list is endless.

Winning one issue just gives Pathetic Lefties more reason to fight for others. Their pathetic way of life is overrunning this country. Part of their way of life is destroying any speech or choice that doesn’t fit in with their narrative. In your own way Nikki, you have helped them. You sided with the enemy. You’ve shown yourself just as spineless as Pence in Indiana and Hutchison in Arkansas over RFRA. You are a failure as a real leader.

For God sakes, even the General Lee

All you need to do is look at the extremism at removing the Confederate flag.  Taking it off the General Lee?  Taking Dukes of Hazzard off TV Land?  NASCAR trying to ban it?  This nation has gone full retard, and RINO’s like you and Mitt only make it worse.  I’m just shocked this is even happening in my lifetime.

Go Away, Both of You

Nikki, you and Mitt don’t speak for a lot of Republicans, and certainly not most conservatives, including me. It’s people like you and Mitt that conservatives must fight before we can fight the Democrats. Shame on both of you.

Do us all a favor Nikki, just finish out your term, shut up and GO AWAY.

Dear Race Baiters: Why “Our” Thugs Were Treated Better Than “Your” Thugs

As mentioned in my prior post, soon as the following picture went viral, I KNEW somebody would start whining:


Damn Cletus, how am I gonna explain this to the wife?

Sure enough, the race baiters picked up a Dallas Morning News story/editorial or two and ran with them.  Their claim?  That the biker thugs were treated better than Baltimore thugs because they were white.  Never mind that I counted at least 30 Hispanics in the mugshots, and 2 of the killed were Hispanic.  Throw in 3 blacks and 4 women to boot and you see why the race baiters are full of crap.  Again, here’s Exhibit #1, the retired San Antonio cop:


Criminal or not, still the coolest beard I’ve seen in a while.

Despite blowing the “white” narrative out of the water, the liberal scum still run with a lie.  Typical these days.

Their complaint is bikers in Waco got better treatment than rioters in Baltimore.  Let’s just say for a moment that’s true.  I have a theory why that might be.  Future rioters might want to pay attention.  There may also be a lesson here on how thugs should be properly “handled” in the future.  Even though most rioters live where thug mayors give them space to destroy, one can always hope.

Their initial intent may have been peaceful

Call me crazy, but 3 or 4 biker groups meeting on purpose at a very public location alongside a freeway doesn’t exactly sound like anybody planned a rumble.  Does anybody really think the urban animals below EVER had any peaceful intent?


Yo man, we wuz just hangin’ an’ shit, but this car gave me some lip, foshizzle!!

Bikers weren’t running wild destroying the property of others

Biker thugs met at one location and were staying at one location.  Bikers weren’t running wild in da ‘hood looting stores and destroying businesses.  Other than Twin Peaks, no property was damaged.  NONE.  Why? Hurting other uninvolved parties was NEVER their intent.  Thugs in Baltimore and Ferguson can’t claim the same.


Last time I checked, not only do bikers not loot, but bikers don’t bring their chilluns to looting parties either.

Bikers weren’t attacking randon whites people, either

Not only were bikers not targeting the property of others, they weren’t targeting others, PERIOD.  There was never any effort to go out and hurt random innocent bystanders and beat people of ANY color just because.  That wasn’t the case with the urban animals.


Urban animals running wild against innocent people, which by itself made them worse than the bikers.

If there ever comes a day when most whites give up on the urban animals and they wonder why, let the thug lovers remember videos like this:

Bikers attempted to defy the cops, and paid the price

Cops were already there and ready in case something bad happened.  When it did happen, cops immediately intervened.  Allegedly the bikers started shooting at the cops.  If so, the cops fired back.  This clearly didn’t go on for long.  Regardless of who shot whom, once the cops used maximum force, the ruckus ended.


Ya see folks, there’s a mutual understanding here between bikers and cops: you mess with us, you die.

This is how rioting thugs SHOULD be handled.  If you mess with cops and/or destroy others’ property, you should be shot on sight.  Had Baltimore cops been allowed to be more aggressive up front, rather than having to give space to destroy, I guarantee the rioting would have been more muted.  Had the Baltimore rioting carried on, the more looters and rioters you shoot, the better.


Looters should be shot on sight. Period.

Bikers knew better than to mess with the cops any further

As mentioned, the biggest race baiter complaint is that in the aftermath, bikers weren’t even handcuffed for a while (eventually they were all hogtied and carried away).  There’s an easy explanation for this, which the urban animals and their race baiting allies in the media don’t understand: a certain “respect” of the cops.

The bikers were outgunned.  Nine of them were already dead.  Now these may be hardened criminals, but they weren’t stupid.  Every biker understood messing with the cops any further would probably result in getting their heads blown off.  This is why meeting violence with violence can be a good thing: overwhelm the rioting thugs with force, let them see the consequences, and they may just fade back into the woodwork.  Letting animals run wild just adds fuel to the fire. (see above urban animal pics)

Texas isn’t Maryland, thank God

If the bikers did turn on the cops, they got their just desserts.  It’s too bad more of the urban animals don’t receive the same fate.  Most of them live long enough to get their EBT cards filled again while they demand reparations and figure out where the next paid rioting gig is, like the Ferguson thugs.

So there ya go, race baiters.  Despite being organized criminal outfits and tough guys, the bikers knew their limits.  They knew better than to mess with the cops.  Once the cops took control, they were totally compliant, followed every order, did what they were told.  You do otherwise in Texas, you’re probably gonna die.  THAT is why the bikers didn’t need to be hogtied right away.

Sadly, none of this matters to the urban animals and their allies.  There will be another Ferguson, another Baltimore, and more apologies from media hacks and assorted race baiters.  The urban animals will just go on abusing innocent people and destroying businesses, and their media apologists will make excuses.  Someday, the rest of us will fight back.  That will be a good day.   

Dear Liberal Scum: Your Race-Baiting Narrative Is WRONG. AGAIN

To start, I suppose I must issue a disclaimer that I don’t condone anything about the thugs who fought it out in Waco. Baltimore was overrun with thugs last month, and last weekend Waco was overrun with thugs as well.

I also supposed it was inevitable race would be drawn into the Waco biker shootout narrative once this picture went viral:


In Baltimore, thugs are given space to destroy. In Waco, thugs are given space to text their wives explaining why they’re gonna be late getting home.

I was right.

After an incident where 9 people died, in the pic you see one cop (I’m sure there were more) and multiple gang members standing around awaiting their fate.  Detained the bikers are, but not exactly hogtied, not lying on the ground, not being manhandled, and not so much as even wearing those plastic cuff thingys (those came later).

Sure enough, peeps aren’t happy about this.  I haven’t read the editorial(s) or article(s), but apparently the racist narrative began in the Dallas Morning News (itself overrun with liberal scum) and spread to the rest of the country.  The complaint was that you have a bunch of white people being treated differently from how blacks were treated in Baltimore, whites are being treated better than blacks by cops, white thugs are treated better than black thugs, blah blah blah freakin’ blah.  Same crap, different day.

Except there’s one small problem the race baiters have conveniently overlooked:  the rumble wasn’t all white boys.  Were the majority whites?  Yes.  But all?  No way.  Exhibit #1 for example:


Sure, something about this guy is white, but it ain’t his race.

Now, far as I can tell, this guy isn’t white.  He does have a pretty stylin’ beard going though, I will say that.  A Daily Mail article stated this guy did 30 years as a cop in San Antonio.  Talk about changing careers!!!

Here’s another:


Este chico no aspecto blanco a mi. Es que mis ojos?

Down goes Frazier the race baiting angle.

Further review of all 170 suspect mugshots reveals that, going strictly by appearance and surnames now, there were at least 30 Hispanics involved in the melee.  At least a couple of the dead seem to be Hispanic as well.  In addition, there were 3 black guys and 4 women.  Yes a majority of the bikers are white, but there was plenty of representation of others as well.

It took about 10 minutes to shred the racial narrative.  But wait…..we have whites, blacks, Hispanics and women all here.  These gangs sound like equal opportunity organizations, don’t they?  Shoot, liberals should be praising the diversity of this violent crowd!!!  Of course they’re not; the biker brawl aftermath has just turned into another pathetic attempt at race baiting to justify black violence and make whites look worse.  Period.

Typical liberal scum.  In my next post, I’ll explain why Waco isn’t at all the same as Baltimore.  Baltimore thugs were and are way worse.

Homothugs Out Themselves Once And For All. Will You Listen Now?

Pushing homosexuality down the throats of Christians has gone on for years.  Redstate’s Eric Erickson has often stated that “we will be made to care.”  As the American Empire deteriorates from within, the efforts of the radical Homothugs and their liberal scum allies in the culture, media and government continue to get more aggressive.

This aggressiveness kicked into high gear in 2014 with the celebration of Michael Sam entering the NFL draft.  Unfortunately for him he got boned down to the 7th round or so, then was cut.  At the end of the day, he wasn’t up to par, just like lots of straight guys.  But of course the liberal scum howled….It was a conspiracy against a gay man!!!!  Never mind the fact he could only get signed to a practice squad, got another chance at a second combine, and bombed that one too.  Case closed.

Also during this time Homothugs began winning “victories” against businesses who would not participate in celebrations of scissoring women or men boning other men up the ass. In 2015, the Homothugs are in overdrive.  Let’s review just a few examples from the past few weeks in the War on Christians:

Sweet Cakes

This has been going on since 2013.  Sweet Cakes by Melissa refused to make a cake for a homosexual couple, citing a right to refuse based on their religious beliefs.  The Homothugs in question, Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryers, of course brought a lawsuit.  Homothug allies protested, and the store closed.  The Klein family apparently now operates the business out of their home.

Within the past week, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries ruled the Klein’s discriminated against the Homothugs.  Administrative law judge Allen McCollough proposed a fine of $135,000 against the Klein family for “emotional suffering.”  Here’s an example of what the Homothugs claimed to “suffer” from this traumatic experience, from Kelsey Harkness at the Daily Signal:

“Examples of symptoms include “acute loss of confidence, doubt, excessive sleep, felt mentally raped, dirty and shameful, high blood pressure, impaired digestion, loss of appetite, migraine headaches, pale and sick at home after work, resumption of smoking habit, shock stunned, surprise, uncertainty, weight gain and worry.””

Just curious: as Breitbart pointed out, aren’t “loss of appetite” and “weight gain” mutually exclusive? Apparently not for Homothugs.

In sympathy of the Kleins, a GoFundMe account was set up to allow donations toward their fine.  Per around $100,000 was quickly donated to the cause.  Homothug allies and supporters then turned their ire to GoFundMe, who in turn caved and shut down the account.  GFM’s excuse was that the case violated their policy of raising money “in defense of formal charges of heinous crimes, including violent, hateful or sexual acts.”

Um, can somebody PLEASE show me where Sweet Cakes case falls in those categories?  GFM won’t allow support for a Christian cake baker, but they were allowing funding for a CONVICTED criminal named Jeremy Meeks.  Ironically, after this hypocrisy was noted, the Meeks GFM page has also apparently been yanked.

A final fine against the Kleins hasn’t been determined, but the fact it exists at all is pathetic enough.  Samaritans Purse has now taken up the fundraising cause for the Kleins.  In the meantime, Christians should start asking themselves if the state of Oregon is our newest enemy.

Memories Pizza

Most of us know this story: reporter Alyssa Marino goes out looking for trouble; asks owner if they would serve gay wedding, owner says no, reporter can’t wait to tell everybody.  Homothugs descend and attack. Store closes. GoFundMe account opened, and over 800 grand was raised in about a week, give or take. That’s gotta be close to a record. Amazingly, GFM didn’t shut it down.

Not that Homothugs didn’t try.  A reporter for CBS 6 in Richmond, VA, one Alix Bryan, reported Memories’ GFM as fraud “just in case.” Just in case of WHAT?  After plenty of mocking, Bryan issued about the tamest and lamest apology you’ll ever read.  No evidence, just “just in case.”  Nice employee you have there CBS Richmond, shame on you for employing scum like that.

Ted Cruz and the Gay Guys

Another story is the two gay guys who own some New York hotels hosted an appearance on their property by none other than that evil Republican Ted Cruz.  The horror!!!!  A post on reported the main discussion of the evening was foreign policy relating to Israel. The gay guys are reported to be strong supporters of Israel, as is Sen. Cruz.

Gay marriage did come up at some point, whereby Ted expressed the view that the matter should be decided by the states.  I’m sure the gay guys shared their views, but it doesn’t sound like the conversation went much farther than that.  All in all sounds like a fairly harmless evening; people who disagree on one subject can come together to agree on something else.  Isn’t that supposed to be part of the American way?

But no!!  The Homothugs went crazy.  Immediately there were calls in the media, on Facebook, etc. for a boycott of the gay guys. Not by straights, but by gays.  It didn’t matter that the guys had issued a statement saying they profoundly disagree with Ted on the subject of gay marriage, or that they had held a fundraiser for the Hildebeast.  Gay men had fraternized with the enemy.  That was unacceptable under ANY circumstances.  As a post noted, the gay guys were to be shut down for being tolerant.

Things got so bad so quick that the gay guys had to issue an apology.  I laughed at how the apology started:

“I am shaken to my bones by the emails, texts, postings and phone calls of the past few days. I made a terrible mistake,” wrote Mr. Reisner.  Gay guy then made the excuse that he wasn’t aware of Ted’s views on homosexuality.  Lol, seriously??

It’s ok to be vocal in support of homosexuality, but if you’re vocal against it, you will be destroyed. Another message is clear: if you’re a tolerant gay, and have friends or associates on the other side, you will be destroyed just as if you liked playing for the other team.  Decent gay people, I hope you took notice.

Arlene’s Flowers

Another ongoing issue from 2013 is Arlene’s Flowers, where one Grandma Barronelle Stutzman refused to provide flowers for a homosexual wedding.  She was fined $1,000, ordered to pay the Homothugs’ legal fees and also ordered to do business with Homothug couples.  She has refused. The interesting part of the Christian Post article is that Grandma had done business with one of the Homothugs, a one Bob Ingersoll, for a decade.  It was only when she wouldn’t participate in a celebration of homosexuality that they got pissy with her. reported Monday that the Alliance Defending Freedom has filed an appeal with the Washington Supreme Court on Grandma’s behalf, where the case will hopefully be heard.  In the meantime, Grandma has to live with the threat of losing everything to the state of Washington and the Homothugs.  This case hasn’t even cost said Homothugs a dime, as their legal fees are being paid by the ACLU.  Grandma’s response to it all was excellent:

“Washington’s constitution guarantees us ‘freedom of conscience in all matters of religious sentiment.’ I cannot sell that precious freedom,” Stutzman wrote in a responding letter to the attorney general’s settlement offer.  “You are asking me to walk in in the way of a well-known betrayer, one who sold something of infinite worth for 30 pieces of silver.  That is something I will not do.”

“Your offer reveals that you don’t really understand me or what this conflict is about.  It’s about freedom, not money,” Stutzman continued.  “I certainly don’t relish the idea of losing my business, my home, and everything else that your lawsuit threatens to take from my family, but my freedom to honor God in doing what I do best is more important.”

Way to go, Grandma Stutzman.  In an attempt to support her and pay her fines, a GoFundMe account was set up for her. Guess what happened?  Yep, per yesterday her GFM account got yanked.  It’s clear now the effort is on at GFM, perhaps in light of the Memories Pizza success, to prevent Christians from supporting each other financially.  Whether it’s GFM doing it themselves or getting pressured from the Homothugs is irrelevant.  Time to find an alternative. Yes, boycott.  Say goodbye to GFM.

All isn’t lost yet

Christians aren’t losing every case at the moment.  Hotair also reported a judge ruling that a Christian t-shirt store in Kentucky did not discriminate when it refused to make t-shirts for a gay event.  That decision was based on freedom of speech, or disagreement with said speech.  That may be an avenue to pursue, although I think eventually even freedom of speech for Christians will be limited.

Also, the US Supreme Court has begun hearing arguments on same sex marriage.  At issue is whether states can pass laws against legalizing it, and whether or not states who don’t legalize gay marriage must recognize the marriages in those states which do.  A decision will be rendered on this monumental case in June at the end of the Court’s session.

The Bottom Line

This issue isn’t going away anytime soon.  The Homothugs and their allies in the media are putting on a full court press to demand Christian acceptance of their sin.  Again, as Eric Erickson has said on, “you will be made to care.”  Not me buddy, thank you very much. Ain’t gonna happen.

The average gay couple that wants to be left alone SHOULD be left alone.  Anybody who goes all Westboro Baptist on any gay person should be slapped upside the head.  In return, I should be left alone also and not be forced to condone, accept and celebrate something I profoundly disagree with.  Your behavior is wrong.  Nevertheless, you leave me alone, I leave you alone, we’re good.

At the same time, the Homothugs and their allies in the media and government, who want to ram acceptance of immoral behavior down our throats, must be fought.  Liberal scum are like Terminators…they will never give up until absolute victory is achieved.  Prayer, love and compassion are no longer enough.  Politically, legally, financially, whatever way, it’s time to step up and take them on.  A full frontal assault so to speak.  We’ve waited too long.

The Homothugs must be fought. Period.

Dear Walmart: If you hate RFRA, close your stores in those states or STFU

As we saw during the recent dustup over religious freedom in Indiana, many corporate types spoke up and whined about Christians being able to exercise their rights.  Among them was the CEO of corporate behemoth Walmart, Doug McMillan.  He decided to join Apple CEO Timmy Cook, and others, and shoot his mouth off about a similar bill coming to pass in Arkansas. As with most corporate shills, Dougie took the side of the Homothugs. Here’s what Dougie said, from the Walmart twitter feed:

“Every day, in our stores, we see the benefits diversity and inclusion have on our associates, customers and communities we serve. It all starts with our core basic belief of respect for the individual. Todays passage of HB 1228 threatens to undermine the spirit of inclusion present throughout the state of Arkansas and does not reflect the values we proudly uphold. For these reasons, we are asking Governor Hutchinson to veto this legislation.”

Well ain’t that special.  Problem is, Dougie’s statement is strictly a PR show. His statement has nothing to do with the bill itself. When you parse it, Dougie is only referring to Walmart stores. I have a couple questions in regard to his statement:

  1. Exactly HOW does HB 1228 threaten the “spirit of inclusion” in Arkansas?
  2. Exactly WHAT values do you (and Walmart) claim to reflect and uphold?

Dougie is implying that HB 1228 would somehow negatively Walmart’s business, stores, or customers at the stores. Nothing could be further from the truth. HB 1228 would have had absolutely no effect on any Walmart store or its operation, ever. Period. Anybody who claims otherwise is a liar.

HB 1228 was passed quickly, and should have been signed quickly. Unfortunately, turns out Arkansas has a spineless coward as Governor, a one Asa Hutchinson. Asa had already publicly declared he would sign the bill if it got to his desk. However, once the liberal scum started their bloviating, like most spineless Republicans, ol’ Asa got all weak-kneed and backpedaled faster than a French soldier.  Suddenly he couldn’t sign the bill as is and asked for some changes.

Governor Coward got his watered down bill earlier this month.  This law supposedly mirrors the Federal law passed in 1993 and signed by Billy Bob Blow Job Clinton.  Walmart then issued a 2nd twitter statement about being pleased with changes to the bill. Sadly, but typically, even that wasn’t good enough for the liberal scum who are well into Year 2 of ramming homosexuality down our throats. Human Rights Campaign was still crying about the watered down version of HB 1228 and demanding it be reversed.

The point I wish to make here is that if Dougie McMillan and Walmart doesn’t want to do business in RFRA states, then they should just go ahead and close their stores. If Walmart muckity mucks don’t want to do business in states with RFRA protections, that’s their choice. I actually support the right of a business to make such a decision.

Problem is, Arkansas isn’t the only state to enact such a law. In fact, as has been reported elsewhere, there were 20 states who already have RFRA provisions or something similar. So why now? Why complain about this one, Walmart? What’s the big to do now?

If Walmart execs hate RFRA’s so much, then why not just close their stores? Because they’re hypocrites, that’s why. A review of Walmart’s sales by state on their website shows that this corporate Leviathan has over 2,900 stores in the 21 states with RFRA protections.

According to the website Statista, in 2012 the average Walmart store recorded just under $69 million in sales. With over 2,900 stores in RFRA states, that’s over $193 BILLION in revenues Walmart receives from RFRA states.

If Dougie and the other Walmart execs were honest, they’d just go ahead and close all these stores. They won’t.  At the end of the day, it’s all about the almighty dollar.  Almost 600 of those stores are just in Texas.  Could you imagine Walmart telling Texas to not pass an RFRA law?  They’d get laughed out of town.

Given that a majority of RFRA states are in the South, Dougie McMillan wants to keep raking in money from people who, I’d bet, by a comfortable majority approve of RFRA provisions. In the first twitter comment noted above, Dougie said HB 1228 “does not represent the values we proudly uphold.” Their 2nd twitter statement did state they valued religious freedom, but too late. The damage was done: Walmart showed its hand.

Bottom line: At least one Walmart exec is a hypocrite. Walmart has had 20 other opportunities to make a stand and didn’t. Again, why now? For years liberal scum hated Walmart, and now suddenly they’re a hero for standing up to religious freedom?  Can you say “strange bedfellows”?  I don’t get either the timing of this controversy, or the ferocity given how common this actually is.

Does Walmart deserve a boycott? Many people, including conservatives, doubt the effectiveness of boycotts.  Whether boycotts work or not isn’t really the point. Why give your money to people who will use those funds to attack you? Denigrate you? Try to publicly shame you, humiliate you, until you change your mind?  And if you don’t back down, try to destroy you?

Corporations do it, Hollywood scum do it, DC politicians do it. Why give them your money, service, time? I’ve been rather undecided in recent years about whether to make my dollars elsewhere besides Walmart, as it can be quite convenient.  I think this issue has finally tipped my hand.

Time to say goodbye to Walmart and go local. The War on Christians is in full swing, and now yet another corporate giant will participate when it makes them look good to the Pathetic Left. I do my best to not give money to corporations who support the Homothugs and other liberal scum. It would be nice if more Christians did the same.

Nobody will ever be able to force me to celebrate homosexuality in any way, shape or form.  Time to fight the Homothugs and their fellow liberal scum/Social Justice Whores. With dollars, protests, legal and financial attacks, whatever it takes. Christians are in this position today because, with rare exceptions, we have refused to fight.

Peace and love aren’t the only perspectives the Bible teaches. In a couple months Christians will be celebrating one of the biggest violations of Romans 13 in the history of the planet.  The Founding Fathers can fight, but we can’t?  Bullcrap.

Time to wake up and fight.  If we don’t, our children and grandchildren may end up being referred to as a “remnant.”  The time to fight is now.

2015 1st quarter review – not much new

As I continue to try and play catchup, I sat down for a few minutes to go over 2015 to date and compare/contrast with 2014. Alas, it didn’t take long, as I don’t have a lot to show for so far this year. Let’s backtrack a little back to 2014 first.

2014: good riddance     

Those 2 words pretty much summed up my feelings about 2014: good riddance. Sure was glad when 2014 ended. For me personally, it was pretty much a complete waste of a year. I was happy for plenty of people I knew who had a good year in 2014. I just wasn’t one of them. Neither did my kids, unfortunately. Professionally, personally, nationally and internationally, it was a crap year in a lot of ways. I, and America in general, went backward in 2014.

2014 in a nutshell

2014 in a nutshell


I experienced almost no accomplishments, and a number of setbacks, disappointments and heartaches. Starting off the year, I was job hunting. Didn’t think by being in Texas unemployment would run out before I found something in my field.  That’s exactly what happened though.

Something about getting over 100 applications on average for a position, which I often heard in the rare interview, tends to reduce my odds significantly. It also further proves to me the lie that is the official unemployment rate.  Between unemployed and underemployed, companies are STILL overrun with applicants, so are free to pick and choose.  Of course, 2014 was the year Congress decided on no unemployment extensions for once, so like many others had to take whatever I could.

My age doesn’t seem to help things either. Thus, ended up taking a crap job to tide myself over while looking for something better and getting my own thing going. It wasn’t enough to pay the bills, but it was better than being out on the street, so I was thankful as I continued looking.

Nothing better came along either until October. Got a job with a small insurance agency. Things were going ok, then had a run-in with a person that could only be described as rotten, maybe even evil. Exactly one month after starting, while still being trained, and for the most amazing reason (and not in a good way) I got bounced. Unemployment got denied, so back to the crappy job I went. Still not enough to pay the bills. Still looking for something else at year end, and still trying to figure out what to do on my own.

So far in 2015, none of that has changed. Not sure how to fix it at this point. The whole “getting my own thing going” never happened either. I could give a thousand excuses, but at the end of the day have nobody to blame but myself. Since I despise the corporate world with every fiber of my being, I’m still going to work on it. Gotta be SOMETHING I’ll love to do every day when I grow up!!!  If it’s writing, I certainly need to work more at it.


My personal life didn’t get far either. Overall was 0 for 4 in the dating (or attempted dating) department. Two gals blew me off to go back to old boyfriends. Neither one worked out (again), but that didn’t do me any good.  In February 2014, the crazy ex-girlfriend shows up again. That lasted about six weeks, during which time I pretty much had my “same crap, different year” aha moment.

Once again, the moment came when we might have actually made it. Once again, an opportunity came along that allowed me to give her enough rope to hang herself, and that’s exactly what she did. Despite all her crazy, she actually had the gall to break up with me and try again with someone she met on a plane. Good riddance.

Guess who shows up again in December? Yep, same ol’. Now she’s still with summertime boy, and is fairly serious, but still wants to be friends. Stay in touch and meet up from time to time. I start giving in, especially when she starts laying on the “I just can’t let you go” and “there’s a magnet between us that just keeps bringing us back together” and other assorted crap. Say what? If I was here boyfriend and knew she was saying this, I’d be pissed.

Anyways, long story short I came to my senses again and blew off a planned meeting day after New Year. She was PISSED!!! I was really taken aback. After trying to explain why (and being continually interrupted) I finally brought the chat to a close. She kept trying to communicate with me and I kept ignoring her, and finally after a few weeks she gave up. Again, good riddance. She’s all your buddy!!  After over 2 years of her crap I can definitely relate to the Apostle Paul’s comment about a thorn in the flesh.

A bright note!! By summers end, I had lost just over 30 pounds. It was a slow go, but progress was clear. Was seeing results, and people were commenting on the difference. Was on the verge of a major breakthrough. Then the new job disaster came along, and I allowed my exercise and eating programs to backslide.

Despite trying to counter it (obviously not hard enough) I had gained back 20 by year end, and ended 2014 about 10 pounds lighter than I started. By the end of March 2015 though, I had gained back nearly everything. Sheesh!!!! Back to the drawing board. The 2015 goal: drop 50 pounds and bulk up.

Only got to see my kids once, when I drove back to Detroit with my dog for Thanksgiving. 2014 was the first year since I’ve been in Texas that I was unable to get my daughter down here for a visit. Even though my kids are young adults now and on their own, it still sucks only seeing them once a year. Even though Daughter just started a new, promising job in Detroit, am still hoping 2015 will be different. Maybe finally get my son down here too.

So that’s the personal side of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015. As I sit here at my job on the graveyard shift, around 2AM, nothing much has changed, but it has to.

I can do better than this. I have to!!!

That’s todays confession.

Let’s Try This Again


For quite a while, I had wanted to do a blog. What kind, that I wasn’t sure about. I’ve wanted to say what was on my mind in a public forum for quite a while. After spending a month or two learning about getting a website and doing some blogging, in January 2014 I went ahead and got my little blog.

At least the goals were noble: regular writing about various subjects having to do with what I believe is the deterioration of the United States. A nation overrun by bad, corrupt, ignorance and just overall plain ol’ stupid, which is unlikely to change. Posts would be mostly political, but also financial since I’ve traded my own money in the past and have had an interest in investing for a long time. I’m one of those people who actually read 10k’s and 10Q’s for fun.

Alas, like many things in 2014, blogging did not go quite as I’d hoped. Started out ok, but within a month or two I began to fade. I can come up with any excuse I want: not enough time, had to make money/survive, anything to be said has already been said, whatever. There sure was no lack of subjects to talk about in 2014. Regardless, I ended up not doing a tenth of the blogging that I intended to do. At the end of the day, there was no excuse. I allowed fear, doubt, perfectionism, laziness, and most anything else which led to the resulting procrastination to get in the way.

Yeah I was afraid I’d get laughed at, or that nobody would ever read what I wrote, or thought it might suck, and if so, why bother? At the end of the day, these are all excuses. Excuses that millions of us use to keep from going after what we really want in life. I want my opinion to matter, but was afraid I’d get laughed at, both by the Pathetic Left and even by other conservatives who can get their points across much better, or are well/better known.

Besides, who am I?

Enough already

2014 was a bit of a wasted year on a number of levels. 2015 needs to be different, especially if I want some of the things in life that are worthwhile. Progress in my health, career choice(s), friend choices, romantic choices (if any), the whole shebang. Writing needs to be part of it. Will I ever get a writing gig? Who knows. Will anybody ever read my blog? Who knows. Will anyone ever care? Who knows. Doesn’t matter anymore.

Time to get cracking. It’s March already, and I’m behind……AGAIN. That ends today. Good, bad or indifferent, this blog will be much more active. Expansion of topics to comment on will help. I may throw in more personal stuff in as well. Humor will be attempted at times also. Being saved hasn’t yet eliminated my appreciation of assorted bathroom humor.  Anything to keep the flow going. If the writing all sucks, so be it. It has to come out regardless. The goal will be some kind of post every other day, minimum. If I can do more, great. Lord knows there’s enough to write about these days.

As someone once quoted or paraphrased George Carlin, the world is a freak show, and in America you get a front row seat. In 2014 we had homosexuality rammed down our throats thanks in part to the attempted glorification of Michael Sam, who turns out could only get signed to a practice squad.  America continues to deteriorate under the Half Black Cracker (that’s Obama for those of you who don’t get it) at a record pace.  The RINO’s have once again shown themselves to be spineless pussies.  Off with all their heads.

That Carlin quote is even more applicable in 2015. Already we’ve been introduced to a girl dating and now marrying her Dad. In February we got the Bruce Jenner freak show rolling, which will get shoved down our throats for the rest of the year. In March we have the email hell that is the Hildebeast. Along with the cultural sewer, the next Presidential election cycle has already started. It’ll never stop, so the available material to write about should be pretty much endless.

Fun times ahead

You get the point.  You never know ‘til you try, but I just didn’t try hard enough in 2014. I guess a blog is also good as a confessional. And I confess I let myself down in a big way last year.  If acknowledging failure is the first step to success, well I guess this covers it.  Anyways, nobody to blame but myself. So here goes.